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Looking for Interior Design Services in Singapore? Here at Interior Design Singapore, we provide Reliable, Professional Interior Design and Renovation Services for homeowners and businesses in Singapore that you can trust.

Is It Necessary to Engage a Professional Interior Designer?

Are you asking yourself if it is worthwhile to hire an interior designer?

Or you are contemplating to just engage a renovation contractor to assist you in your renovation of your home or business premise.

Well, it depends on what are your needs. If you require a simple renovation or upgrading work to be done, a renovation contractor will be able to handle the project.

However, if your premise requires more complicated work such as creating an interior with a particular theme or style that you have in mind or you want to maximize the limited space that you have, it would be wiser to engage a Professional Interior Designer.

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    Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer

    Interior design is an art by itself. It is not just looking and putting things together in a space.

    It is about finding the balance between function and design. Working together with an interior designer for your space has its benefits.

    ✔ Increase the Value of Your Home with Good Interior Design

    Most of Interior Designers are highly-trained and has vast experienced in interior design.

    Hence, you will be able to get valuable advice and help from them. They will work closely with you to create a cohesive and beautiful space that you will love.

    Most importantly, a good interior design is a good investment for your property as you would be able to get higher prices for your place if you intend to sell it later.

    ✔ Help You Save Time and Money

    Especially for first-time homeowners or someone with no experience in interior design or renovation, a good interior designer may also help you avoid making mistakes that will cost more money to fix.

    In addition, the professionals will be trained to conduct proper assessment of your premise and determine the appropriate action. They will help you save cost to avoid unnecessary work and try to work within your budget.

    The interior designer also has good relationships or has connections with vendors and carpenters who can help to execute a design. They will also be there to oversee the renovation of your space.

    These also save you a lot time and hassle having to research, plan and source for the materials. More importantly, it gives you a peace of mind that your home is in good hands. Even if you are on a tight budget, some interior designer fees are very reasonable and affordable.

    ✔ Project Management

    Interior designers may oversee your project from beginning to end, ensuring that everything works smoothly and on time.

    They may arrange with contractors and suppliers, supervise furniture installation and delivery, and manage any problems that may arise.

    ✔ Increase Your Quality of Living with Good Interior Design

    The designer can visualize, plan and fit the space that will be both functional and beautiful.

    They are experienced in creating a space which reflects on the client’s lifestyle and also create certain mood or ambience for the space.

    Good interior design enhances the living experience of the space and transform it into a place you can call home.

    ✔ Customized Design

    A personalized design strategy based on your unique demands, interests, and lifestyle may be created by an interior designer. Also, they can offer alternatives for distinctive and personalized touches that showcase your individuality and sense of style.

    ✔ Better functionality and flow

    Interior designers may assist you in making the most of your space and improving its usefulness and flow.

    They can provide recommendations for layout improvements, storage solutions, and lighting designs that will improve the use and efficiency of your space.

    Things to Note When Designing Your Space

    There are a few things to note before you embark on your creating your ideal space.

    First, you will need to do some homework. Know what you require from the space – is it to have more storage, more sitting area, or would you have guests over often. You can look for inspiration online or through magazines. Compile a wish list of items you like, for example, sofa, lights, decoration design, wall colours, and themes. Share these ideas with your interior designer.

    Next, set a budget and stick to it. Splurge in investment pieces that are of high quality, for example, a designer cabinet with pull out drawers, or a high-end fridge which is also energy efficient. Remember to also leave some budget for any unexpected costs.

    Finally, decide on a timeline and discuss with your interior design about it. If you are tight for time, opt for simple modifications as compared to elaborate work that is time-consuming.

    Selecting the Ideal Interior Designer

    After having completed your research and the planning, talk to different interior designers to find one that matches your style. When talking to designers look through their work and look for elements which are similar to the look you want to achieve. If you are looking to revamp a space, decide which items or elements of the room you want to keep. This way, the designer can work around that piece and incorporate it into their design.

    If you are engaging the designer to design your whole house, try to involve everyone living in the space to be present when you are meeting the designer. This will prevent conflicts which may arise as renovations or redesigning is ongoing. Also, try to keep an open mind to your designer’s suggestions. Understand their design viewpoint and you may be able to appreciate the rationale of the design even if it does not appeal to you initially.

    A good vision coupled with the right interior designer will bring your dream space to life. Let us help you create beautiful and functional space for your home and business premise. Contact our team of interior designers now for your design and renovation needs!

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