3-Room HDB Interior Design

Comfortable and Cozy Home with Smart Space-Planning

3-Room HDB Interior Design

Are you planning to renovate your 3-room HDB flat hence are looking for some 3-room HDB interior design ideas for your new unit? If so, we have some renovation and design tips for you.

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The 3-room flats in Singapore have a floor size of about 60-65 square meters. They have 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room and a kitchen. The newer flats would also come with storeroom-cum-apartment shelters and service yards. 3-room flats are usually ideal for newlyweds or small families. Although they are small in size, but coupled with good design planning, they can also be comfortable and cozy. By optimizing the space available with smart space planning, you may not even feel that the space is small. Here are some tips we have gathered from our designers to give you some ideas for your 3-room flat.

3-room HDB interior design - Living Room

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    Living room’s Interior Design


    The main furniture in this space will be your sofa, coffee table and TV console. As there is only two bedrooms for a 3-room HDB unit, there may not be a spare room for the occasional guest to stay over. Consider getting sofa beds which can double up as a guest bed when you have guests over. Sofa beds also tend be wider and thus able to sit more guests as well. If you do not wish to get a sofa bed, you can also consider long sofas. As the space is very limited in the living room, it would be smart to have a few other seating solutions around such as foldable or stackable chairs that you can store away when not in use.

    Coffee Table

    Choose a coffee table which you can move about easily so that you can use it other areas when not needed in the living room saving you from having too many furniture around to save space. Ideally, the table should have some storage space available too.

    TV Console

    The main focus for your living room should be the TV console. You can consider mounting the TV to the wall to free up floor space. Adjustable mounts are also popular for when you are at the dining table or kitchen; they can be adjusted so you can still view it there.

    Wall and Décor

    The overall look of the living area should be that of spacious and bright. Consider having a bright color palette to not just brighten the space but also make it seems more spacious. Mirror decorations and accents also help to brighten up the room as they bounce light around.

    3-room HDB interior design - Kitchen

    Dining Area and Kitchen’s Interior Design

    Consider having an open concept dining area and kitchen when planning your 3-room HDB interior design. This will open up the space immensely. Match the color scheme of the kitchen and dining area with your living room to ensure the seamless integration of space. If you are worried of oil and grease from cooking, install a hood over your stove or have a sliding glass door. Sliding doors also do not take up too much space.

    Bedrooms’ Interior Design

    Research on design ideas or styles you like for your master bedroom. This is your personal space and the possibilities are endless. If you are a newlywed or have no other occupants for the second bedroom, you can consider transforming it into a study/work room. Or it could also be a walk in wardrobe to store all your needs.

    For small families, the extra room could be for your child. Plan ahead and include your child in the planning of your 3-room HDB interior design. It will likely grow with the child so consider furniture which will be timeless and expandable.

    3-room HDB interior design - Bedroom

    Key to 3-Room HDB Interior Design

    The main design tip for designing a 3-room HDB flat is to create space that looks bigger. This is done through minimizing clutter with clever storage spaces and design elements such as color palettes and lighting. A 3-room flat may be limited in space, but that does not restrict your creativity in designing a space that is unique and functional to you.

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