4-Room HDB Interior Design

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4-Room HDB Interior Design

Looking for some inspiration for 4-room interior design for your new home in Singapore? If so we have some 4-room HDB interior design tips for you. Alternatively, you are most welcome to contact as for an obligation-free consultation on interior design and renovation if you need more advice for your home renovation. 4-room HDB flats are the most popular choice amongst families in Singapore.

They are about 90 square meters with 3 bedrooms. There is an attached bathroom in the master bedroom and another common bathroom. It comes with a kitchen, a living/dining area, a storeroom-cum-apartment shelter, and a service yard. This is great for young parents and families. Let’s look at some tips in designing your 4-room HDB apartment.

4-room HDB interior design - Living Room

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    Living Room Interior Design

    First, choose a theme for your living room design that you like. This theme can overflow to the dining area as well. Be it from minimalist to retro style, any theme is possible and can be adjusted to meet your objectives of the design.

    Depending on your home, some 4-room HDB’s living room can be long or square in dimension. This will determine the types of furniture that would fit well in your living room when planning your 4-room HDB interior design. For longish space, a longer sofa might be more suitable compared to a deeper but shorter sofa for a square-shaped living room. In addition, consider designing the living room to be a central gathering area for your family. Opt for stylish yet comfortable sofas. Consider putting the furniture in a circular layout to facilitate communication if the space allows.

    4-room HDB interior design - Living Room and Dining Area

    Dining Area Interior Design

    Dining tables which are extendable would be a smart option for occasions when you have guests over for dinner. Consider choosing a bench on one side of your dining table. This allows more seating without the need for more chairs which will generally take up more space. The dining table can also be used as a gathering table for weekend board games and activities. So choose good lighting and make the dining area as comfortable as possible.

    If you do not wish to have the dining room as an extension of the living space, you can consider installing a small divider bar. When planning your 4-Room HDB Interior Design, consider adding some personal touches such as decorating the bar with photo frames or other decorations.

    4-room HDB interior design - Kid's Bedroom

    Children’s Bedroom Interior Design

    When planning the bedroom interior designs of your 4-room HDB, it would be wise to have more foresight when planning the children’s bedroom. Bear in mind that kids will mature and their tastes will change. Choose furniture that is timeless would save you on having to change them few years down the road. For example, a toy car bed will suit a 5-7-year-old boy but by the time they reach teenage years, you will have to change the bed. You can also opt for wooden beds that are expandable. Some beds are designed to grow together with your child.

    To instill some children design elements into the room, consider wall colours and decorations instead. You can even let your kids choose the colours for their walls or textiles. Filter through the colours that you do not mind having for the room and let your kids choose from there. This will give you some control over the overall design of the space while still showing some personality of your kid. While choosing furniture, also consider the usage.

    For example, a toddler will need more floor space for games while a teen will require more desk space for work. You can consider a loft bed for the kids’ room. The area below the bed can be a play area for the kids and for teens, it can be an entertainment or a study area.

    4-room HDB interior design - Home Office

    Study/ Home Office Interior Design

    As a 4-room HDB flat has three bedrooms, when planning your 4-room HDB interior design, you can also consider converting one of the rooms to be the study or home office area if you have a room to spare. Furnish this room with bookshelves. The colour theme for this room can be neutral, white, light greys, and wooden accents will work well. Good lighting is also essential in this room as it is meant for work or study. There should be good natural lighting in the room. Consider having blinds or thin curtains as window treatments.4-room HDB interior design - Study Room

    Besides ceiling lights, choose a few table lamps as task lights on the study table. Look for a few good study/office tables for the room. It is good for these tables to have their own storage spaces. Bookshelves can be shared in this room. Kids can have their books stored at the lower part of the shelves for easy access. Consider a bookcase with a rolling ladder for ease of access to upper shelves allowing you to maximize the use of the space in the room by installing floor to ceiling shelves.

    You might too overwhelmed or too busy to handle your 4-room HDB interior design all on your own. Why not give us a call at +65 6871 8864 to see how we can assist you in some of design and renovation work? We can handle various type of interior design and renovation projects in Singapore – from bathroom renovation to complete end-to-end works including design and build.

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