Bathroom Design

Create A Spa-Like Experience with Great Bathroom Design

Bathroom Design

A good Bathroom Interior Design is vital for well-designed home as bathroom is an essential part of every living space. Although the bathrooms in Singapore homes are small, you can still be creative in the design and make it your personal sanctuary. A well-designed bathroom takes into considerations not just the interior design but also the functionality and ease of cleaning of the space.

Here are Some Tips to Designing Your Dream Bathroom


Bathrooms are usually the smallest room in the house thus it is important to have plenty of storage. The most common style would be the single sink cabinet. Wall-mounted cabinets are also good options to fully utilize the space.

Bathroom Interior

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    When choosing the colour theme for your Bathroom Interior Design, you can go with a neutral colour to create a calm atmosphere and add creativity with pops of colour, textures and patterns in the form of bathroom tiles, hand towels or rugs.

    For ease of cleaning and durability, opt for bathroom tiles for the toilet’s floors. When selecting the floor tiles, you can go with just a single design such as a simple white subway tile, or combination of not more than three different kinds of tiles. You might also want to consider the maintenance required for the different types of bathroom tiles. For example, porcelain and ceramic tiles are more slippery for the wet areas but are easy to clean. Whereas the rougher surfaces of natural stone tiles require a bit more scrubbing but have the advantage of being less slippery.

    Bathroom interior design


    Lighting is a vital aspect of bathroom design as good and proper lighting in the bathroom can help elevate your mood as you start your day. It is better to not have any overhead lights above the mirror as it will create unwanted shadows on your face. An alternative to that will be to have a few task lights, such as small mirrors with lights that you can use while doing your makeup or skincare routine. The shower area also requires lights that are vapour-proof from the steam of hot showers.


    Sliding Doors

    Due to the constrained bathroom’s space in most homes in Singapore, you might want to consider installing sliding doors for your bathroom instead of doors with hinge to save space.


    In addition, having glass doors for the shower can also create an illusion of space. Large mirrors are not only functional, they also help to bounce off light and create an illusion of a bigger and brighter space. You can consider looking for mirrors with interesting frames to instill some character.


    Plan the right height for your sink to make brushing and washing of your face more comfortably. They are typically 32-34 inches off the floor. Also consider having a step stool or designing a step up area for the kids in the family to access the sink. This step tool can double up as a stool for you to access the higher compartments of the shelving. You may also want to consider placing the sink at the corner. This frees up walking space in the tiny bathroom.


    You can replicate the luxury resort style bathrooms in your own home by choosing a wide shower head or a rain shower. Ceiling mounted rain shower heads coupled with body sprays create an all around shower experience almost like a body massage. Add a handheld shower head to give you the control to direct flow of water to wash your hair or even washing out the bathroom stall.

    Here at Interior Design Singapore, we can help you create a great Bathroom Interior Design for an awesome showering or spa-like experience right in your own home. We can handle all projects – big and small. From complete home interior design and renovation projects to smaller jobs such as individual rooms like the bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

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