Bedroom Design

Relaxing And Tranquil Design For Bedroom

Bedroom Design

The bedroom is a place we spend almost a third of our lives in. It is thus important to make the Bedroom Design as beautiful and comfortable as possible. Your bedroom is a place where it is most private. Hence, you can have free rein to create a space that reflects your personal style and a space which you can relax and unwind after a hard day’s work. Not only that, having a bedroom that is conducive for a good night sleep is especially important for busy individual working in fast-paced city such as Singapore. With so much distraction from bustle and hustle of the city, hence having a relaxing and tranquil bedroom is to come home to is also a welcoming respite.

Below are some tips we have gathered from our team of Interior Designers.

Bedroom Design Tips

Choose A Good Colour Scheme for Bedroom Design

Colours are known to induce certain feelings and create certain mood. In the bed room, we want a space which can let us feel relaxed and able to have a peaceful sleep. Some colour options good for the bedroom are neutral colours, blue, green and pink.

Neutral colours, such as cream, beige and brown, are good to use as a base colour to pair with the other accent colours. Light grey can also be used but be careful not to use a darker grey. Dark grey evokes a sense of depression and sadness.

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    Blue is the colour of the skies and oceans. It a popular colour to be used for the bedroom as it is calming, stimulates thinking and prevents nightmares. Choose a lighter or pastel shade of blue to be used in the adult’s room and a more vibrant blue to be used in the kids’ room.

    Green is also another colour of nature. It means calm, stability and peace.

    An all white bedroom can be ideal, but it can also feel a bit clinical. Add some small decorations and accessories in pastel colours to cheer up the space.

    If you do not want to commit to a certain colour scheme for your Bedroom Interior Design, instead of painting the walls with that colour, you can choose to use that colour scheme in accessories such as curtains or pillows and bedding.


    To create a Bedroom Interior Design that exude tranquility, the bedroom should be free of clutter. Create spaces with ample storage to keep the clutter out of sight. Invest in bedside trunk to contain all the bed linen or a good wardrobe system to house all your clothing and other belongings. If space is of concern to you, follow these tips to create more space for your bedroom:

    Consider installing bookshelves on the walls. These will free up floor space and adds a decorative element.

    You can opt for beds with storage underneath. These are on trend these days as they allow one to keep away the bulky bed linen and store other bulky items which may not be used frequently.

    For the kids’ room, you can choose to have loft beds whereby the space below the bed can be a study or play space.

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    The lighting is an important element in Bedroom Design. Lighting in the bedroom should be that of a soothing yellow light. Harsh light before sleep can hinder our ability to fall asleep quickly. Use a dimmer for bedside lamps and ensure you have a good curtain that blocks off street lights at night.

    Consider having double curtain rods for your bedroom. One is for the blackout curtains which would be very useful to block out the hash afternoon sun and to reduce the room temperature due to the hot Singapore climate. Another is for the sheer curtains when you want a bit of light into your room while providing some privacy from prying eyes.

    Bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home hence it is worth-while to invest time and effort to make it as comfortable as possible. However, if you are too busy or do not want the hassle, we provide reliable Professional Interior Design Services to help you create the perfect Bedroom Design for you.

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