Dining Room Design

Open Concept Dining Area – Multi-Functional Space

Dining Room Design

The dining room is where friends and family gather to enjoy meals or to celebrate special occasions. Most of the dining rooms in Singapore are usually a space dedicated to dining and are not a separate room by itself. This open concept dining area also means the Dining Room Design would need to match the interior design of the rest of the living area.

Tips on Designing Your Ideal Dining Room


When choosing a colour scheme for your Dining Room Design, you might want to consider a soothing and relaxing colour as this may aid in better digestion. Alternative, you might want to evoke certain moods with certain colour choices. For example, warm colours like red, terracotta and browns give a romantic feel. This is ideal for newlywed couples to enjoy their candle lit romantic dinners. On the other hand, brighter colours like shades of yellow and green create a cheerful vibe for the whole family.

You do not need to commit to a particular colour scheme by painting the walls with that colour, you can choose to have this colour accents in the seat cushions and crockery instead. Take inspiration from restaurants you frequent and instill these ideas into your dining room.

Dining Room Design - Dining-cum-Living Room

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    As with all other rooms in your house, lighting is also essential in the Dining Room Design. In the day, it is a good idea to have natural lighting to this area. But it also depends on the location of the dining area. If it is located in the kitchen, it is likely that there will be not a lot of natural light as compared to if it is placed in the living room.

    Consider having a central light over the dining table. This is similar to the popular lighting style of mid-20th century restaurants. You can also have the light on dimmer so as to have the versatility to adjust the light according to occasions. Candles are a nice decorative touch to the dining room. They do not provide sufficient light so they only complement the space and create the required ambience for the special occasions.

    Dining Room Design - Dining-cum-Living Room


    The shape of the dining table depends on your needs. Choose a rectangular or elongated oval table for larger rooms or with narrow spaces. Round or square tables work well in small spaces. Consider tables which allow you to extend as you require, this is useful for those who may have friends or family over and do not want a big table to take up too much space in the room. Dining chairs should have enough space to fit under the table. They can be matching with your table or go eclectic by mix and matching different chairs. A popular alternative to chairs now is benches. They fit nicely under the table. You can also consider having extra storage space under the benches.

    Multi-Functional Space

    These days, due to the space constraints of our apartments and houses in Singapore, we tend to use space for various functions. Hence, when planning your Dining Room Design, you should consider what other activities you would most likely do in the dining room other than eating. If your dining area is just an extension of your kitchen, you would most probably be using your dining table as a food preparation area. Hence, installing a shelf on the wall to display cookbooks would be quite handy and add another functionality to the space.

    Whereas for dining area near the living room, it can also be a place where you read a book and enjoy your afternoon tea. Choose the dimension and configuration of your dining table or area according to your needs. For example, you can install a power outlet near the table for your kitchen appliances or your laptops. The possibilities are endless!

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