HDB Interior Design Package Promotion

Get the Best Value for Your Money

HDB Interior Design Package Promotion

Home renovation has always been a major concern of most homeowners in Singapore. This is after all a big ticket item after purchasing an apartment from HDB. After receiving the keys, the next step will be looking to renovate the place. With the abundance of information online, one could easily find a handful of renovation contractors or interior design companies offering HDB Interior Design Packages. Many first-time homeowners have the misconception that the lowest price is the best deal. Whereas for the those who have bad experience with unreliable contractors will know better.

Smart HDB Homeowners Looking Beyond Price in Promotion Packages

A simple renovation project may just set you back by about $20,000 to $30,000 and this will depend on the type of fixtures and finishings selected. Packaged promotions which we have seen in the market are nothing but the usual. Discounts and more discounts. Interior Design Singapore believes that the discerning homeowner looks beyond discounts. It is about the total concept that breathes life into a home.

Transform a House into a Home with Our HDB Interior Design Package

A home is not a house. Home is where life is and the interior design architecture is supposed to echo the style and personalities of the home owners. Contractors will do the renovation work but interior designers at Interior Design Singapore brings about life into the home of your dreams. Interior Design Singapore brings designs to life by creating liveable space through smart space planning concepts designed for the mind, body and soul. This is a must in today’s context as the space that we live in is getting tighter but being smaller does not mean a compromise in comfort. Smart space planning ensures every single space is utilized to the maximum without sacrificing the comforts of a home. Here at Interior Design Singapore, our HDB Promotion Package is tailored specially for discerning home owners who will know that they are getting good value for their money.

HDB Interior Design vs Private Condominiums

HDB apartments are sold in a different manner compared to private apartments. HDB apartments are simple bare units with not much of fittings and fixtures within. It depends on what sort of options were chosen when the order was placed during the BTO exercise. Some units will come with tiled floors, some will opt with doors, some will opt not to have anything. Hence, the price for the HDB Interior Design Package we offered to each client will varies depending on the scope of work required.

Special Promotion Package for First-Time HDB Homeowners

Interior Design Singapore has created an offer for all new and existing HDB homeowners. If you are receiving your keys soon or have gotten your keys, speak to us to find out about this HDB package deal. Our team of professional renovation craftsman and interior designers coupled with our promotional package will transform your HDB apartment.

Interior Design Singapore’s unique HDB Interior Designing Package Deal is unlike what the market has seen. It is not about discounts, it’s about you. What is deemed as the best deal by someone will differ from another as each has their own unique requirements and preference. Hence, we will tailor the promotional package to your specific needs to give you the best value for your money. Wait no more, call us today to arrange for an in-depth discussion on the HDB Interior Design Package.

Special Promotion for

First-Time HDB Homeowners!

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