Living Room Design

Designing Your Perfect Living Room

Living Room Design

The living room is the main showcase of your home. It is also the main space where your guests will be spending most of their time in. The Living Room Design will reveal the owner’s character and preferences. Although residential home is getting smaller in Singapore, it is still possible to design a cozy and comfortable living room where you and your family can gather and relax. Here are some interior design tips for creating your perfect living room space.

Living Room Design Tips

Consider an Open-Plan Layout

The open-plan layout is becoming more popular amongst homeowners in Singapore due to the smaller living spaces. This layout minimizes the small enclosed rooms and opens up more spaces. It also gives a sense of airiness and allows more flexibility in designing. Having an open-plan layout also allows family members to spend more time with each other. One could be in the kitchen cooking while engaging in a conversation with the rest in the living room. With lesser walls, the space will also appear brighter with more natural light, thus reducing the electricity usage.

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Living Room Design


Many overlook the importance of lighting in the Living Room Design. Lighting helps create an ambience. Choose a general ambient light that is the main lighting for your room. It can be a chandelier over the sofa or some pendant light over the dining area. Next, choose accent lighting such as recessed adjustable lights which point to a wall art or something you want to feature in the room. You can also choose some floor lamps to be your task light. Task lights are only used when you are reading or working. If you have the luxury of space, you can also consider some decorative lights such as table lamps. They add character to the space and amplify the theme of the room.


In most cases, a neutral colour scheme is preferred for the living room as it is a space which links to the other areas of the house. Thus, a neutral colour will also match the different themes you may have for your room. Warm shades tend to be cozier and more inviting whereas colours with cool undertones will look more modern. Having neutral colours for walls will allow you to have more flexibility and options in your choices of furniture. On the contrary, if you have neutral furniture, you can opt for colours in your walls. Either choose a colour to be painted on all walls or have just one accent wall.


As the living room is a place where you lounge around to unwind and relax, furniture selection is important to create comfortable and functional space that is appropriate for your needs. Choose and arrange furniture that will allow you, your family members or guests to have a conversation or enjoy time together. Furniture may not need to be leaning with its back against the wall, you can arrange them to face each other instead. When planning your Living Room Design, you can divide the living room into several sections. For example, there can be an area for kids to play with their toys while the adults enjoy some tea and snacks near the sofa. This will allow people to gather in small intimate groups to engage in different activities.

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