Minimalist Interior Design

Simplicity for a Clutter-Free Living

Minimalist Interior Design

The Minimalist interior design look is would most suitable for those who like simplicity. This look is streamlined and clean yet at the same time remains inviting and elegant. It is an interior design that is composed of simple and orderly spatial arrangements. This is achieved by reducing the clutter and simplifying the interior. Hence, a minimalist look will have to be matched with a minimalist lifestyle as well.

The minimalist style interior design is a simple design suitable for small spaces. A minimalistic bedroom also means more tranquility which will help to inspire rest in the fast-paced living of the Singapore. This is also a very budget-friendly design home design as there is minimal decoration with the focus on minimalism and a clutter-free living. Let’s explore the characteristics of the Minimalist style.

Minimalist Interior Design - Living Room

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    Characteristics of Minimalist Interior Design – Tips on How to Achieve the look


    When thinking of minimalist designs, black and white color combinations will be the first to come to mind. A different variation to that will be the grey and white color palette. White is mainly used as the default colour for walls. However, you can change it up by having a black wall instead. Accent colours, such as pastel and soft shades of browns, complements the monochromatic look and give a fresher and more modern feel.

    Minimalist Interior Design - Living Room


    The general rule of thumb for Minimalist interior design is the less furniture the better. Opt for a few pieces of simple furniture with clean lines and are subdued in colours and designs. Storage should be kept out of sight. If you require a lot of storage space, consider a large piece of furniture that you can store everything and keeping the mess out of sight.

    Furniture with a dual purpose would also help to avoid over filling the area. For example, a plain clothing rack against a blank wall can also act as a nice decoration. Metal accents complement the colour scheme well. Glass adds depth to the overall design without adding in more textures. Wood, if kept sleek and polished, can add a natural feel to the overall design.


    Choose fabrics that complement the overall look of the furniture. For example, canvas and leather upholstery will be very suitable for the sofa. To style the simple sofa, you can add a couple of patterned pillows. A striped rug will also bring a relatively dull room to life. If rugs are not your cup of tea, opt for patterned placemats or table cloth instead.

    Finishing and Décor

    In Minimalist interior design, decorations should be kept true to the concept of ‘less is more’. In essence, the space should feel cohesive with a focal point. For example, walls should be kept clear with probably one or two pieces of artwork or poster and floor should be kept clean with only one rug of a different color. Decorate tabletop with clear glass vases and streamlined lamps. Natural elements, such as tiny plants and cacti, also help to add a pop of colour without it being too overwhelming. This lack of decorations and accessories only serves to show off the minimalist look and how well arranged the interior is.

    Minimalist interior design is a very popular  interior design style preferred by city-dwellers such as those living in Singapore where land is scarce and living spaces are often constrained. Not only that, it is also a style that is easy to up-keep for busy working individuals, with the concept of reducing clutter with minimal decorations.

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