Oriental Interior Design

Ushering Harmony and Balance with Asian-Inspired Theme Home Design

Oriental Interior Design

Oriental interior design exudes a serene and calm vibe by ushering harmony and balance. Hence, this home design that is very suited for busy individuals living in a fast-paced city such as Singapore. A home that embrace tranquility would be a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of a hectic lifestyle.

Be it Modern or Tradition Oriental style, Asian or Chinese inspired theme, it takes precision and good planning to achieve the look as the focus is to minimize clutter in the house using only a few key design elements. Only basic furniture and decorations such as handmade crafts, silk fabrics, and wood furniture are used. The Chinese especially believe in Feng Shui and will use that as a guide on decorating the space to achieve balance and harmony. Hence, it would be ideal if the Interior Designer that you have engaged is familiar with Feng Shui.

Oriental interior design - Office

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    Characteristics of Oriental Interior Design – Tips on How to Achieve the Look


    Asian design elements are largely inspired by nature. Choose neutral colours such as white, grey and cream for walls. This is to provide a soothing backdrop to complement the other colours that are prominently used in the design. Opt for vibrant colours such as purple (represents luxury), red (represents good luck), pink (represents cherry blossoms, spring), as your accent colours to be used in furniture, decorations or even as a feature wall in your house. These accent colours will definitely stand out against the neutral backdrop. For wood tones, choose wood which are darker toned and richer in colour. Beside colours, geometric shape patterns are also prominent in the oriental design.

    Oriental interior design - Living Room


    Choose wooden furniture with carved elements. Furnishings found in Oriental interior design are also usually hand painted and have glossy surfaces and are usually lower to the ground. If you want to have the authentic oriental look, look for wooden chairs with curved backs. These chairs may not be the most comfortable, but they are indeed oriental. If you are looking at comfort, choose sofas with clean lines and select some accent pieces to bring out the oriental design. For example, you can have a bamboo tri-fold screen or Tansu chests. The Tansu chest works great in small spaces as they are both functional and decorative.


    Choose rich and opulent fabrics such as silk as cushion covers for the oriental design. You can also look for fabrics that have strong oriental design elements, such as floral or bamboo print and geometric patterns. For any interesting design element, you can look for upholstery fabric that has an Asian water-colour painting as design. You can also use lace elements such as placemats, table-runners or window treatments. Floor pillows and tatami mats bring out a strong oriental look and they are of lower maintenance and more practical in the Singapore weather as compared to a rug.

    Finishing and Décor

    For the Chinese, they believe in Feng Shui and often consider this when they decorate the house. According to Feng Shui, flowing water is considered to be harmonious and brings good fortune to the household. If you have the space to afford, a Koi pond is a wonderful addition to your space. You can also look for small water features if space is your concern.

    To complete the Oriental Interior Design, use blue and white ceramics or jade-coloured urns as finishing touches. Besides considering the outlook and texture of the space, also consider the other sensory elements. Introduce sandalwood incense or wind chimes as they bring an added dimension to the design while being cost-effective.

    While Oriental Interior Design are not as popular nowadays as design styles such as the Modern/Contemporary style or Scandinavian Interior Design in Singapore, it is making a come-back with more multi-generation families living under one roof.

    If you are a looking for Interior Design Services who can also help you with create your desired Oriental Interior Design for your home or businesses, Interior Design Singapore can assist you to create perfect design with good Feng Shui.

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