Retro Interior Design

Retro Never Goes Out Of Style

Retro Interior Design

Retro interior design is an eclectic mix of new forms with old materials or old styles with new forms. Retro never goes out of style. Bold is the main adjective to describe this interior design style. However, modern homeowners in Singapore prefer a more subdued style for this design. There is also a new kind of retro style that is modern and fun that proves to be very popular as well.

A retro theme also encourages being environmentally friendly by reusing or recycling old furniture. These pieces can be passed down by grandparents or older relatives. Alternatively, you can also hunt for vintage items in various flea markets or warehouse sales in Singapore. The old pieces can be refreshed by repainting the furniture or changing up the fabric. Retro style interior can be a lot of fun but do it moderately to avoid being tacky.

Retro Interior Design - Living Room

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    Characteristics of Retro Interior Design – Tips on How to Achieve the Look


    Retro style is the combination of bold patterns and colours. Checkered patterns, polka dots, paisley prints and Peranakan tiles are some of the patterns you can include into the design. Try to keep the color palette simple by just selecting a few colors. Coordinate patterns and colors of walls with fabrics and textiles well will prevent a confused and cluttered look. If you want to opt for a more subtle approach, use muted versions of the bold colors and patterns in smaller quantities. Pastel colors can also be paired together with the bold colors for a sophisticated look.

    Retro Interior Design - Living Room


    To achieve the classic retro style, opt for furniture with circular forms and curved edges. A unique look can be achieved by pairing with modern leather and lacquered furniture. Reupholster old or modern furniture with bold Retro prints will create a bold statement. If you want to have a style that is more warm and comfortable, choose a few pieces made of wood. However, avoid choosing pieces with intricate and detailed woodwork. Retro style should be fluid in nature and appeal. You can also mix and match different types of furniture and choose a focal point, for example, some statement making armchairs. Chrome and vinyl are also fitting to the style.


    Textures prominently used in the Retro interior design include soft vinyl, smooth plastic and crushed velvet. As the theme stands for boldness, you can feel free to experiment with different textures for fabrics too. “Bark cloth”, a kind of tight-woven heavy fabric, is commonly used for furnishings like curtains, drapery and upholstery. Choose patterns such as floral or tropical prints to enhance the retro look. If you are not a fan of big prints, you can also include these prints in smaller items such as tablecloths and cushion covers.

    Finishing and Décor

    A great way to tie up the whole Retro look is with some stylish yet vintage accessories. In the kitchen, retro mugs and retro-styled appliances can be paired together with black and white checkerboard floor. Choose appliances that are enamel-coated, made of stainless steel, or chrome appliances.

    Colourful melamine dishware and bowls are also very popular with the retro design fans and are commonly available in departmental stores in Singapore such as Tangs or Robbinson. Lamps are not just for practical purposes, they can also be statement pieces for your space and enhance the interior design the space. Choose lamps that have design elements that are unique, for example, animals or geometric-shaped. Throw in a few right rugs, patterned pillows and cushions and you will be able to create the Retro interior design that dates back to the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s era.

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