Scandinavian Interior Design

Embrace Simplicity, Functionality and Elegance

Scandinavian Interior Design

With availability of affordable furnishings, cleverly displayed in the beautiful showroom at IKEA, has made the Scandinavian interior design very popular in Singapore. This style is a reflection of the type of interior design that is prevalent in countries in the Nordic region, namely Iceland, Denmark and Sweden. Due to the long winters of the region, much of the design emphasizes on creating a bright and cozy space.

Simplicity, functionality and elegance are the best descriptions for this Swedish inspired style. This Nordic style stems from minimalist ideals. As such, the design and décor should be functional yet simple.

Dual purpose furniture, such as bed with pull out compartments or sofa beds, is very common with this design look. The Scandinavian look is one which looks expensive but the aesthetic can be adjusted to suit any budget. Let’s take a look some tips to achieve the Scandinavian interior design.

Scandinavian Interior Design

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    Characteristics Scandinavian Interior Design – Tips on How to Achieve this Look


    Light muted colours, such as white and grey, are often used for the Scandinavian home decor. Walls are typically painted white. However, cool colors such as blue can also be added in small amounts to complement the look. The Scandinavian design includes a lot of wood, especially light wood such as beech and pine. The white walls work well with other light wood-toned design elements such as furniture and flooring. A pop of colour can also be introduced to give it a more unique personality and keep it from feeling too cold. This can be done by choosing a bright coloured rug or wall decoration. However, keep this to a minimum as too much can be overwhelming and destroy the harmony of the design.

    Scandinavian Interior Design


    To be in line with the colour palette of the Scandinavian interior design, opt for furniture made with light-toned wood. Choose sofa and chairs which are mainly structured and simply designed with soft curves but nothing too complicated or intricately designed. Pieces with classic pencil legs also work well in the Scandinavian interior design look. However, you could also explore using different tone of wood for some variations in the theme. For example, you can contrast the pale wood flooring with dark wood panels of furniture. Even with the different styles used, the look will remain cohesive due to the same wooden surfaces used.


    Scandinavian designs often exude the comfortable and cozy vibe without using many carpet or too many blankets and throws to decorate. Hence, this design is perfect for the Singapore weather. The combination of white walls and cool grey and blue textiles would match this design style. Some textile accessories, such as cushions with bold stripes, sheer drapes on windows and patterned napkins on the dining table, can be added to emphasize the Scandinavian look. When choosing the types of fabrics to use, opt for natural fabrics such as cotton and linen.

    Finishing and Décor

    The modern Scandinavian interior design depends on decorations to highlight its look. Go for items such as pendant lights, black and white photography and white ceramic vases. However, you can also opt for the ‘less is more’ approach by keeping the walls bare or having more empty spaces around the house. The clutter-free space is also an important aspect of this interior design. Hence, the Scandinavian interior design is the ideal home design for busy working individuals living in fast-paced city like Singapore as the clutter-free space require less effort to keep tidy.

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