Victorian Interior Design

Design that Exudes Class and Elegance

Victorian Interior Design

The Victorian Interior Design is one that exudes class and elegance. This is due to the opulent furnishings and the heavy draperies used. It is one of the most popular interior designs for homes as well as beauty salons and spas in Singapore.

The colour palette used in Victorian Design also brings out a fairy-tale feel. It is a design that is full of character, filled with intricate designs and patterns that they are mostly one-of-a-kind.

A Victorian design may appear to be gaudy if not done right. Thus, many prefer the Modern Style Victorian Design. This modernized variation carefully incorporates the traditional Victorian look with the modern style. The combination must be done right to achieve cohesiveness and avoid the final design looking messy. It is also the more affordable way to achieve the Victorian Interior Design as the elements traditionally used, such as marble and statement furniture, can be quite expensive. One example will be to pair an antique wooden dining table with modern chairs.

Victorian interior design - Bedroom

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    Characteristics of Victorian Interior Design – Tips on How to Achieve the Look


    Opt for warm and rich colors such as mustard yellow and gold, green and blue. Bolder colors can be used to indicate a room with a higher importance, such as dining room, and a less bold color should be used to denote a room with lower importance, such as the kitchen. One good way to include these in the modern Victorian design is to paint an individual accent wall with paint or patterned wallpaper. However, if bold colors for walls are too daunting, they can be painted beige or white instead. These colour elements can be represented in other areas such as textiles and decorations.

    Victorian interior design - Living Room


    Furniture that is preferred in Victorian design is usually large and opulent, crowding the entire space of the room. They are typically made of oak and walnut. Often times, they will be carved with intricate designs and have curved edges. The 18th century French furniture style is very popular. However, to have a large statement furniture that is carved can be quite costly. An easier way to incorporate the Victorian look into the space will be to use other carved items such as picture frames, lamps and even a four poster bed. Old architecture, such as doors, can be repurposed to add on to the Victorian charm.


    Heavy draperies are prevalent in the Victorian Style Interior Design. Floor-to-ceiling curtains in heavy material, such as velvet and silk damask, are often used. Fabric that is heavily patterned with floral print can be used for seat covers or cushions. You can also opt for patterns such as geometric shapes for a more modernized look.

    Finishing and Décor

    No Victorian Design home is complete without a chandelier. However, other decorative Victorian lighting can also be used if you do not prefer the elaborate over-the-top chandelier.

    Other than chandelier, a fireplace is also quite a statement item indispensable for a Victorian Style home but it is definite not appropriate in Singapore context. To incorporate this into Singapore modern homes, an imitation of a fireplace can be used instead. This can also be a smart way to have more storage space for items such as the entertainment system.

    Another easy way to bring in the Victorian look is to embellish. For example, a simple pillow can be made special with gold trimmings and other embellishments. Other decorations include paintings and antique clocks can also add to the Victorian style.

    Achieving the desired Victorian Interior Design may not be an easy feat without the help of a Professional Interior Designer. At Interior Design Singapore, we offer Professional Interior Design Services that can help you achieve the look that you want for your dream home or business establishment all within you budget.

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