Modern Interior Design

Trendy and Stylish Design for the Modern Lifestyle

Modern Interior Design

Modern interior design style was created in the 20’s to 50’s. It is often confused with Contemporary interior design. Contemporary style is what is on trend now. The former interior design is a defined style while the latter is ever changing. Modern elements can also remind you of Retro style designs. Contemporary elements sometimes consist of modern design elements. Hence, there is the term, Modern Contemporary style.

The key characteristic of all these is that of minimalism. The space is clutter-free and often exudes a sense of airiness. In the modern lifestyle of Singapore, this look is very popular and one can easily find furniture and pieces that are Modern or Contemporary. Let’s explore some tips on how to create a modern space.

Modern Interior Design - Living Room

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    Characteristics of Modern Interior Design – Tips on How to Achieve This Look


    Modern interior design balances the use of colors and neutrals. If you have walls painted a neutral color, like grey or beige, the furnishings and other decorations can be in bold colors, on the other hand, if your walls are painted in bold colors, then neutral colors should be used in your furnishings. Black is also a grounding color and it is commonly used in a Contemporary style room. You can add in a few colour trends to your design. The colours that we predict to be on trend this year: shades of yellow, deep emerald, olive green, gray-black, pastel purple.

    Modern Interior Design - Bedroom


    Clean lines are preferred in the furniture used in the Modern Contemporary style. They also tend to be raised off the floor and creating a feeling of spaciousness and airiness. Choose furniture that are simple and not heavily embellished.

    • Sofas and chairs with their legs exposed would also fit in with the look.
    • Opt for furniture in metal, glass and chrome to create a sleek look.
    • Beds and chairs should not have tassels or skirts.
    • Geometric shapes are also commonly used in the design. For example, instead of having a traditional book shelf, look for a book shelf with geometric shapes. These can be installed onto the walls and also doubles as a wall art.


    Natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk and jute would be the material of choice when creating a Modern Interior Design look for your home or business premise. Sofa upholstery can be in either neutral, black or bold colors. A textured natural fabric will give the simple sofa an added dimension. Colourful and busy prints should be avoided. However, you can still use two-toned designs, such as a zebra print cushion or a leopard print rug. Pair these with black or neutral furniture to achieve a cohesive look.

    Furnishing and Décor

    With the design theme of spaciousness, an open floor plan would be ideal in a contemporary design space. Hence, an open kitchen concept would work very well in this case. Working with an open floor plan would require the design of the kitchen to match that of the living area. To achieve that, you can have the same interior design elements in both spaces to bring across a more cohesive look. For examples, pair the chrome surfaces of the kitchen appliances with dining chairs with chrome legs. Choose dinnerware that of Contemporary style too.

    Look for lightings that are with clean lines and forms. You can also use spotlights to highlight a painting or poster. Floors are usually kept bare in the Modern interior design, but you can still include some small rugs made of natural materials. Some of the flooring that would be suitable for a Modern interior design and are current very popular in Singapore are Vinyl Flooring in wood design.

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